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These are additional Financial Information links to aid you in your quest for freedom from monetary issues. Feel free to look them over and make discovories about your home, your credit, and your spending habits.
Check out  Annual Credit is the ONLY authorized source for the free annual credit report that's yours by law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act guarantees you access to your credit report for free from each of the three nationwide credit reporting companies — Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion — every 12 months. The Federal Trade Commission has received complaints from consumers who thought they were ordering their free annual credit report, and yet couldn't get it without paying fees or buying other services. TV ads, email offers, or online search results may tout "free" credit reports, but there is only one authorized source for a truly free credit report.
Credit Cards
This link will show you how long it will take you to pay off your credit card.
For example:
If you owe $4000 and have a 20% interest on your card and make the minimum payment of $80/mth, it will take you 44 years to pay the card off! You will end up paying over $16,000 just in interest to the credit card company!!
Credit Counseling Information
There are many Credit Counseling Programs that those who file Bankruptcy are required to take. Click on the following link for more information:
Real Estate/Property Values
The Ohio County Auditors' website is the place to go to look up your property to see the latest value for it. Click on your county and from there you will need to look up real estate or property data/information:
Mortgage Calculator
This link will take you directly to a site with a free mortgage calculator:
Are you Stressed?
Read the link below to find out how to help:
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Anyone can dance a jig, but only provides you with a truly free credit report. Its the only authorized source to get your free credit report under federal law.
Should I File Bankruptcy?
If three or more of the following apply to you, you should consult a bankruptcy attorney now. If more than five of the following apply to you, you probably should have seen one months ago!
_____My debt is over $5000 not including a car or house.
_____I am frequently late on payments.
_____I buy necessary items like food or clothing, on credit.
_____I am thinking about getting a loan to pay other loans.
_____Collection agencies are calling me.
_____I make payments, but my balances don't go down.
_____Payments are over 1 month behind on more than one bill.
_____I can't afford car insurance.
_____We are getting divorced and have too many bills to pay.
_____There is a wage garnishment on my check.
_____My car is worth much less than I owe.
_____My payments are over 25% of my take home pay.
_____I pay 20% interest on my debt.
_____I frequently get cash advances.
_____Someone has filed a lawsuit against me.
_____I am "robbing Peter to pay Paul."
_____I have been turned down for more credit.
_____My drivers license is suspended because of an accident.
_____My mortgage or rent is always late.
_____I have high medical bills that weren't paid by insurance.
_____I owe income taxes I can't pay now.
_____I have no savings.
If none of these apply to you, congratulations!